首相夏までに退陣 後継体制の議論も急げ



(Mainichi Japan) June 7, 2011
Political parties should prioritize efforts to control nuclear crisis over power stalemate
社説:首相夏までに退陣 後継体制の議論も急げ

The ongoing political turmoil over when Prime Minister Naoto Kan should step down shows no sign of abating, with the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) trying to settle the situation by setting Kan's departure for this summer while the opposition Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) insists he should resign by the end of June.

In the meantime, the DPJ and the LDP are eyeing the formation of a provisional grand coalition following Kan's exit.

With a vision for an ideal system for the government to exert its utmost efforts into rebuilding the regions devastated by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in mind, the ruling and opposition forces should accelerate their debate on the timing of Kan's resignation to prevent the turmoil from escalating further.

Less than three months after the March 11 disaster, Japan's political world once again lacks direction.

The DPJ's internal strife was rekindled after former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama labeled his successor, Kan, a "crook" after Kan suggested remaining in office until early next year even though he had announced his intention to step down.

The prime minister reportedly told the DPJ that he would leave office after having the second supplementary budget bill enacted.

There is no reason for Kan to be bound by a behind-closed-doors oral agreement over his resignation with Hatoyama.

However, one would assume that common sense would dictate that Kan should step down after addressing the second extra budget as he has already announced his intention to resign.

It's inevitable for the Kan administration to fall into a further lame-duck status following the latest political upheaval, posing a threat to the passage of the second extra budget bill and a special government bond bill.

Political maneuvering over the post-Kan administration is already under way, with both DPJ Secretary General Katsuya Okada and LDP counterpart Nobuteru Ishihara expressing their positive thoughts over the formation of a temporary grand coalition under a new prime minister, an idea also upheld by Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano.

If the grand coalition is brought about, a House of Representatives election will be called after a certain period of time, according to their blueprint currently under discussion.

We have previously urged the ruling and opposition camps to exert their all-out efforts to swiftly address the restoration and rebuilding of the disaster-hit areas.


One way to overcome the deadlock would be to seek a non-Cabinet alliance or form a tentative grand coalition in order to promote the reconstruction of the affected areas smoothly.


However, the LDP is making Kan's resignation by the end of June a precondition for its cooperation with the DPJ. 自民は首相の月内退陣を協力の大前提としている。

Other issues include who would succeed Kan and what to do with tax and social security reforms as well as the compilation of the budget.

Both parties should consider an effective cooperative system in a flexible manner.

According to a recent Mainichi Shimbun opinion poll conducted after the no-confidence motion against Kan's Cabinet was voted down in the lower house, 85 percent of respondents criticized that the Diet is "not functioning" in addressing the restoration and reconstruction of the disaster-affected areas.

Furthermore, over 60 percent of pollees were against the submission of the no-confidence motion itself.

It is only natural for the public to cast a stern eye on the Diet for its indiscretion.

With the rainy season set to hit the Tohoku region, raising concerns for secondary disasters in affected regions, and the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant dragging on, including how to deal with ever-increasing radioactive water at the facility, the ruling and opposition blocs should not interfere with current efforts to control the nuclear crisis regardless of whatever action they take.

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